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    frequently asked questions

    Yes, the first hour (and ONLY the first) of consultancy is offered to the client free of charge. At the end of the same, the planning of the subsequent consultations will be drawn up, in agreement with the customer, in order to achieve the set objectives.

    The consultations will be carried out mainly remotely, through the use of dedicated videoconferencing software (Skype, Zoom or Google Meet). If the customer is on site, or if the need arises, live consultations can also be carried out, following reimbursement of the incurred expenses.

    If the appointment is canceled before twenty-four (24) hours prior to the consultation, no cost will be charged to the client. Should the cancellation, however, occur within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the same, the customer will be charged the full hourly cost of the latter (including any additional costs incurred).

    The consultations will be paid by the hour and, in order to protect the safety of everyone, payments will be accepted ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY via PayPal or bank transfer. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT, UNDER ANY CASE, payments in cash, or checks (of any kind).

    “I had the opportunity to ask Piero for advice regarding an online marketing promotion on a book I am writing. I found myself well: professional, analytical and fast! I recommend him! Thanks Piero.”

    I had a consultation with Piero regarding my website. It was a friendly chat that was enlightening and helped me a lot. Highly recommended! Thanks Piero for your help!

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      Following the use of this form, you accept the storage and management of your data by this website.