Consulting - Two different types

I offer You two different types of consulting:

The first, aimed at creating something that takes You towards a full professional realization, setting up Your effective online presence, starting from scratch.

I will help You, therefore, to create your website, I will help You to optimize it, to make sure You create content suitable for it, to optimize Your presence on social networks, considering those that are most suitable to be used for the type of activities that You want to propose, until You get to implement an automated marketing system, which will allow You to take care of the improvement of Your finished product, whatever it is, and thus create a real independent business.

You will have the opportunity to use only this service or, if You want to go further, You can take advantage of the consultations aimed at Your personal growth and improvement, through completely customized sessions lasting one hour each, using video calling software, such as Skype or Zoom.

During each session, we will be able to talk about any topic You need at that moment, to help You in Your growth and allow you to become the person you want. I will try to help You as much as possible, not only by listening carefully to what you wish to talk to me about, but also by trying to advise You, and to guide You towards a gradual but constant improvement.

As for the first offer that I have described to You, the second can also be used, by You, separately from the first. The first call will be completely FREE, and without any commitment on both sides: for this reason, I invite You to fill out the form below in its entirety, so that I can already have an idea of how to help You.

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    allow me to help you revolutionize your life and fully express your potential