my story

Hello, and Welcome, to my little corner of the world.

Today, I have decided to share my personal journey with You, in the hope that it will inspire You, and that it can help You take Your turning point, whatever it is …

My name is Piero, and for almost twenty years I worked as an IT technician, both as an employee and as a consultant.

Over time, I’ve changed jobs, trying to improve both as a person and in my career, but things have’t gone exactly the way I wanted. Often and willingly I found myself having to work, or collaborate, with authoritarian leaders, who were very unwilling to really recognize the merits of those who got their hands dirty for them: the result, either I reinvented myself every time, or I would have lost my work, with all the consequences of the case. This story went on until, after yet another situation of this type, in 2018 I was forced to close, for economic reasons, the last employment relationship I had in Italy.

In that moment I saw everything black and, despite all the good intentions of the case, I found myself discouraged and disillusioned with everything around me, and that was part of my days: I could not find a way out of a situation that was getting worse every day. It has been in that moment that I began to get interested in the Digital Nomad Movement, and all the opportunities that could derive from it, especially from the fact that a person could work independently, traveling, without being tied to a physical place, or to a certain time, and being able to organize the days according to its priorities.

And you know, when you start sending messages of a certain type to the universe, the universe responds accordingly. Thanks to who, at the time, had been my partner for twenty years, and later would have become my wife, we were able to move abroad and, subsequently, I followed a course that allowed me to acquire the knowledge suitable for creating my consulting business, completely from scratch. Through the latter, I have the opportunity to help those who wish to undertake their own path of change, revolutionizing their lives, and fully expressing their personal and professional skills.

What can I do for you?

I mainly deal with “Do-It-Yourself Business” and “Personal Growth“, combining both, where possible, to offer each of my customers an experience that is as complete as possible, always paying the utmost attention to the needs of the latter.

I like to define the “Do-It-Yourself Business” as something in constant evolution, a company that makes creativity one of its main strengths, since every effort is aimed at the best possible promotion of its brand and its products. , be they physical, or digital.

I like to think of “Personal Growth” as to that path that each of us is able to undertake, in the course of our life, to become aware of our uniqueness, that we must take care of ourselves, in order to become the people we really are .

allow me to help you revolutionize your life and fully express your potential